Immunity-Boosting Solutions for Mompreneurs!

The phrase immunity-boosting holds more weight than ever before thanks to the coronavirus. These days, it feels as though everyone is looking for the "magic" solution to boost their immunity, including Mompreneurs. This is no surprise though! Mompreneur's are the heart and soul of their businesses AND their families. If a Mompreneur falls sick for a few days or weeks (YIKES!), who will run her business? Who will create the magic and memories of the holiday season for her family? If you're a Mompreneur like me, these questions may have gone through your mind more than once.

There are no quick-fixes or magic solution to boosting your immunity 😢. But the good news is that you can boost your immunity by implementing and practicing these 6 habits:

  1. Eat the rainbow. When you sit down to eat, at least half your plate should be filled with fruits and veggies. They provide you with the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients your body needs to stay healthy and strong. Specifically, vitamins A, C, D, and E, folic acid, and zinc. All of these vitamins and minerals are necessary for completing multiple processes within your body, including keeping your immune system running at its best.

  2. Move your body. Multiple studies have shown that exercising regularly builds strong bodies and strong minds. When you're throwing around heavy weights or going for a run, you're training your body and mind to adapt to stress. Moving your body improves your heart health, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and improves your body's ability to manage its blood sugars. All of these things translate to being better able to fight illness.

  3. Lower your stress. Lower stress levels mean lower cortisol levels and lower cortisol levels mean your body is no longer in fight or flight mode. This is important because you will experience less anxiety and weight gain plus you will sleep better. Here are some ideas for how to lower your stress levels: deep breathing, practicing gratitude, meditation, journaling, calling a friend, taking a bath, reading a book, the list goes on.

  4. Get quality sleep. Quality sleep is hard to come by as a mom. You're up feeding your baby, your kiddo is sick or you're worried about all the things. It's important to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night - this is the time your body is working hard to repair itself. Did you know that getting quality sleep starts well before bedtime? Here are some strategies to set yourself up for sleep success: No caffeine in the afternoon/evening, no alcohol before bed, and setting up a bedtime routine so your body starts to wind down which includes shutting off your screens an hour before bed.

  5. Drink your water. You should be drinking half of your body weight (in ounces) of water each day. No if's, and's, or but's. Water carries critical vitamins and nutrients throughout your body, regulates your blood sugars, and eliminates toxins from your body. It also eleviates fatigue and headaches. Want to keep your immune system functioning well? Drink the dang water!

  6. Rest. Rest does not equate sleep. Rest means to stop work or movement to relax, recover strength, or refresh yourself. Without rest, you are always running on empty and when you don't have fuel in the tank, your immunity is lower. If you want to give a boost to your immune system, schedule in rest every day.

If you implement just one of these habits, your giving your immunity a nice boost! Imagine how well your immune system would function if you armed yourself with all 6 habits?! Remember, it's always easier and more fun to prevent illness than it is to treat illness.